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Strathcona County has a number of ways to communicate with residents during an emergency.

In the event of a disaster

  • Strathcona County Alert system may be used to send out emergent, significant, and time-sensitive alerts. Residents are encouraged to sign up to receive alerts by phone, text or email.
  • Alberta Emergency Alerts. Alberta Emergency Alerts will be used for a large scale disaster only. Starting April 6, 2018 notifications will be sent to cell phones that are compatible with wireless public alerting. Learn more about the Wireless Public Alerting system.

Information will be made available

  • on the Strathcona County website
  • sent to all local media outlets
  • phone the Strathcona County switchboard (780-464-8111), open between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday
  • on social media sites like  Facebook and Twitter
  • on the UPDATEline at 1-866-653-9959; provides information on current industrial site activities in the region that you may be curious about, such as unusual loud noises or alarms, prolonged flares, smoke or fire, traffic levels coming to and from a plant or smells that are prolonged. Industry (NRCAER and Strathcona District Mutual Assistance Program) for posting information about training or drills which may affect surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • door-to-door visits by emergency personnel (if necessary)
  • electronic signs placed on major transportation routes (if necessary)

Other sources to receive emergency information

Emergency notification in our Community

Further information

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